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Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Winter Perfect Shades to Paint Your Nails This January 2022 Rosie Nail Boutique

Choosing your favorite color of the year can take some time because there are just so many options out there, and everyone has different preferences when it comes to wearing nail color.

So how do you make a decision that feels right and won't go out of style fast?

There's one foolproof way we've found:

it's to choose classic colors that never seem to go out of fashion!

Winter is a great time to switch to more natural, neutral shades until summer's more vibrant colors return.

Avoid going crazy with color and go with trendy neutral shades instead

January is all about gray nail colors. The different shades of gray nail colors to choose from are Paper Moon, Shard of Thought, London Eye, and Individualism. Below we’ll discuss these classic nail colors to rock the first month of 2022 categorized by vibrancy so you can get an idea of whether a specific hue will fit into your life this winter or not!

Shard of Thought

This January, paint your nails with the dazzling color of Shard of Thought, a winter nail shade. This metallic nail color is ideal for wearing to an evening on the town. Shard of Thought is a pigment-rich metallic winter nail shade that offers endless possibilities to make a memorable impression with the hue of your nails.


Paper Moon

So, do you think gray is dull, gloomy, and too neutral to wear on your nails this winter? Chances are you didn't try the Paper Moon shade then. Yes, the right shade makes all the difference. It's versatile, timeless, and works well for almost every occasion.

No matter what skin tone you have, this soft gray is the perfect choice to glam up your nails with an oh-so-amazing shade of gray. Wear it once, and you'll love the dye to the moon and back.

Kinetics 393


Individualistic, inspirational, unparalleled. This beautiful shade of grey is made for all those who break the rules and is a perfect shade for every girl's nails. So if you want to jazz up this winter season, you need to try out the excellent individualism nail paint in gray shade. You’ll love it.



If you are looking for something a little different or want to try your hand at new shades, but don't want to venture into the uncharted territories of bright reds and oranges, go for grays instead. They are supposed to be the most popular nail shades of this season, and if you try them once, we are sure you will be hooked on them.

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