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The Top 5 Pedicure Precautions You Must Take

It's official summer times, and you know what this means? Well, it's time to take out your flip-flops and all those cute slippers you couldn't wear during the colder months. However, open-toed slippers mean your feet are exposed and on show for the world to see. So, making sure you give them good care is essential.

If you plan on heading out for a pedicure session for yourself, then we are sure you must be excited. However, do you know there are some precautionary measures too? Do you want to know the top five precautions you must take before your pedicure session? We got you covered.

What are the Top 5 Pedicure Precautions You Must Take?

While many men do not care about how their feet look, the ladies certainly do. If you are a woman planning on heading out for their pedicure sessions, make sure that you do not do any of the following things before going:

1. Do Not Shave your Legs

When going out for a pedicure, your priority is to get rid of any hair on your legs. While you may believe that you might be doing your pedicurist a favor, you certainly not be doing one to your body. This is because when you shave your legs before heading out to the salon, it opens a bunch of areas for bacteria to enter. While you may not see them with your own eyes or cannot feel them, shaving creates little cuts that can become an entryway for bacteria to enter your body. So, do not shave your legs at least 24 hours before your pedicure appointment.

2. Ensure the Salon Tools are Sterilized

We don't decide which salon you go to, but you certainly do. Make sure you head to a salon that looks clean and professional. This will give you a slight idea of the sterilization techniques. Moreover, before your pedicurist starts your pedicure, ask her whether the salon tools are sterilized.

3. Check Your Water Temperature

Your pedicurist would ask you to dip your legs into warm water before starting your pedicure. Make sure you dip your toes slightly first to check whether the water temperature is perfect. Extremely hot water can burn your feet, so it is always essential to test it first. If not up to your desired temperature, ask your pedicurist to add some cold water to even the temperature.

4. Use Clean Water and Beauty Soap

A lot of clients would come and go before your appointment time arose. So, when you are waiting in the sitting area, keep an eye out for the tubs. Ensure that before your turn comes, your nail tech changes the tub's water and adds new and clean water. Moreover, make sure that they use beauty soap to ensure better foot cleaning.

5. Check the Essential Oils

Many salons use a variety of essential oils during the pedicure sessions. However, asking your pedicurist which essential oils they are using is always necessary. They may use oils with ingredients you may be allergic to. So, instead of bearing the consequences later on, it is essential to take precautions beforehand.


We hope these preventive measures were helpful to you. Let us know any more we should add to our list.

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