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Dos and Don’ts for Caring Nails

Self-preservation is the key to a healthy and prosperous life. While we eat and sleep well, exercise or wear stylish clothes, most don't worry too much about our nails. You look instantly polished if you care and groom your nails well. How to tell if your nails need grooming? You will see discoloration, denting, unusual shapes or colors, etc., so when it comes to caring nails, here are the top Dos and Don'ts to keep your fingernails in tip-top shape.

What’s Normal and What is Not?

Fingernails grow from the base of your cuticle on your fingers and constitute keratin-laminated layers. They are fine if your nails are uniform, smooth, and don't have pits or dents. Furthermore, they should be without discoloration or spots, or in older people have ridges, so if you have developed white lines due to injury, you need to get them cut properly.

Healthy Nails Signs and Indications

· Pinkish white or nail plate color

· Existent cuticles

· Tips are of even length

· Proper Lunula, which is a half-moon-shaped white section at the base of your nails

Unhealthy Nails Signs and Indications

· Peeling, splitting, and dryness due to vitamin deficiency

· Tine white spots from polishing

· Grooves, red or swollen skin from stress or biting cuticles

· Spoon shaped nails

Caring Nails the Best Dos and Don’ts

If you want to make your nails look the best, follow these Dos:

· Keep Them Dry and Clean – Cleaning your nails regularly removes accumulated bacteria from under them. Avoid prolonged contact with water, like washing dishes or clothes, because it can cause split fingernails. Always wear gloves when washing to protect them.

· Nail Hygiene – Use caring nail tools like clippers or manicure scissors to trim them in desired shapes.

· Moisturizing – Apply moisturizer daily, like hand lotion, on your fingernails and hands.

· Nail Hardener – If you want to give your nails Strength, use a hardener.

· Using Biotin – Biotin can help strengthen your nails from natural supplements, so consult your doctor on which vitamins or supplements to take.

· Manicure Solons – Make periodic visits to authorized and experienced manicure solons if you have a busy schedule, and let them groom you.

Here are some essential don’ts you should avoid lest you want to damage them.

· Don’t Bite Your Nails – Nail biting is one of the worst habits when caring for nails, as it can damage the fingernail bed. Any cuts acquired from biting can result in bacteria entering or fungi, which make your nails prone to infection.

· Don’t Pull Hangnails – You should use a clipper to cut the hangnails so the accompanying tissue doesn't rip off and cause damage to your skin.

· Don’t Use Harsh Products – Use nail polish remover sparingly, and when you do, choose acetone-free formula not to damage your skin.

· Don’t Ignore Problems If you have consistent issues with your fingernails and are typical symptoms, consult your doctor for evaluation.

Give Your Nails a New Home

Sometimes we don't have enough time to groom our nails, and all we can do is regularly apply lotion before bed. Though it is good to keep your nails healthy, there isn't better grooming and styling than you get from Rosie Nail Boutique.

Rest assured, we provide the best care given by our expert professionals all week, and we open early so you can get an appointment before going to work. The following are some of the services we provide.

· Acrylic nails with gel polish

· Hard gel with gel polish

· Manicure gel polish

· Manicure classic

· Pedicure classic

· Pedicure gel polish

Call us today to book your appointment or learn more about Nail Grooming on our website.

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