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Nail Shape Define Your Character

How Does Nail Shape Define Your Character?

Nails hold a lot of power and show a lot about your character. When you go to a salon for a manicure, have you considered why you always gravitate toward the same nail shape? This is because some nail shapes stay in trend, and others suit your hand structure.

The nail shape that you go for defines a lot. If you are curious about what your nail shape says about your character, then this article is just for you. We have mentioned a detailed guide to tell you more about your nails.

What Do Nails Tell About Your Personality?

Following are some of the standard shapes you can go for, and the following are the things you will learn through them.

. Tall Rectangle Nails:

The first common shape that many people have are tall, vertically long nails. One of the personality traits that you will find in such people is that they can be a little selfish. Other than this, such people can be highly imaginative.

They also use their brain in both logical and emotional manners because both the brain sides are developed equally. Furthermore, they can be efficient and also like to be in control. Such individuals also tend to get overwhelmed by their surroundings and the situations they are in.

· The Round Nails:

If you are not experimental, then you indeed have round nails. Round nails are the best shapes for people who are carefree and practical. Such individuals have happy and lively personalities, and it is seen that they are the people who bring energy to a gathering.

Mostly they are social butterflies with the brightest personality. People like communicating with them as they are easy to talk with. Furthermore, they can be trusted very quickly. They are the most positive people to be around and have an open mind.

· Square Nails:

Square nails are the ones that are equal in length and width. It is seen such people can be tight-fisted and mean. They can also be pushy and sensitive; however, that does not mean they aren't creative. People with square nails tend to have the most unique and impressive ideas.

Another thing about the square nail individuals is that they can't stand discreet people and can be impatient.

· Almond Nails:

Almond nails refer to a personality that is refined and sophisticated. People with almond nails are very straightforward and sincere. They also have a vivid imagination. Furthermore, their tolerance level might be low. They are also emotionally sensitive and gentle.

Some of these individuals might want extra attention because of their sensitive nature.

· C-Shaped Nails:

This type of nail indicates that the person is very enthusiast and hard-working. They can overcome all the hardships in their life because they have faced many challenges in the future. Hence, this nail shape indicates courage and perseverance in a person.


We all like to take care of our nails and go to different nail salons to get them cleaned and shaped. However, they have yet to learn how important they are in showing your personality. If you are looking for a good spa where you can get the best nail treatment, then Rosie Nail Boutique is the best place for you. Here you will get the best services, and they will ensure you have the best nails. So what are you waiting for? Book your appointment with Rosie Nail Boutique.

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